Product Description

Mammography system KBS-A100
Generator Type High frequency inverter 80 kHz
Radiographic Ratings Large focal point, 20-35 kV/10-510 mAs
Small focal point, 20-35 kV/ 10-110 mAs
Focal Size Dual focus 0.2/0.4 mm
Input Power Single phase AC 220 V, 50-60 Hz
Power Ratings 6 kW
Target Material Molybdenum (Mo)
Port Material Beryllium (Be)
Anode Heat Storage 100 kJ
Anode Cooling Air cooling
Filtration Molybdenum (0.03 mm) Al (O.5 mm)
C-arm vertical segment 580 mm
Rotational movement +175⁰~-180⁰
SID 650 mm
Cassette image receptor 180 x 240 mm
Grid Ratio- 5:1, 30 line/cm
Line Voltage AC 220 V/50 Hz @ 25 A, Single phase
Dimensions 2050 x 600 x 1100 mm
Weight 240 kgs

Used in radiology departments for enhanced visualization of breast tissue for mammary benign lumps, nodes, calcified points and early detection of malignant tumours.

  • ◼️  High frequency focused Molybdenum target
  • ◼️  Streamlined compression plate improves clarity
  • ◼️  High resolution imaging
  • ◼️  Controlled minimal dosage
  • ◼️  Touch panel operation

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