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Kizlon Nebulizer range can be categorized as ultrasonic and compression-based nebulizers to render best treatment and management of asthma, COPD and respiratory problems. Nebulizers are vapourize liquid drug into mist which can be easily inhaled which acts a better drug-delivery method. We offer a wide variety nebuliser according to capacity, pump efficiency and scope.

Nebulization Rate 4 ml/min
Filter Particle Dimension 4.2 microns
Continuous Performance 0 - 4 hrs
Timing Range 0-60 min (no level for adjustment)
Max Medication Capacity 350 ml (Large cup)
150 ml (Small cup)
Nebulization Rate 0.20 ml/min
Compression Pump Rate >10 L/min
Compressor Pressure 14 psi , 40psi
Consistent Work Performance Up to 7000 hours
Power Consumption 80W

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