Product Description

Portable Ultrasound Machine KUS-A200
Display Size 10-inch screen
Display Depth ≥ 250 mm
Ultrasound Modes B, B+B, B+M, B+2M, M, 4B
TGC Total gain, 8 segment TGC
Depth Adjustability 16 level of real-time depth adjustments
Probe Scan Methods Convex, Linear, Micro-convex
Cine-loop ≥ 400 frames
Frame Storage ≥ 64 frames
Body Marks 40 types
Imaging Mode 2D ultrasound imaging
Measurement Distance, Circumference, Area and Volume
Cardiac Measurement LV/VF, AV, MV, PV, TV, HR
Obstetric Measurement BDP, FL, AC, HC, CRL, AD, GS, G.A, LMP, EDD, FW
Image Processing Pseudo-color, Dynamic range, THI, Image Smoothing, Image Sharpening, Gamma Correction and Histogram based Enhancement.
Zoom 4 step zoom-in functionality
Output Interface PAL-D Video, RS-232, USB 2.0
Dimensions 460 x 360 x 430 mm
Weight 9 Kgs

Used in examination rooms, consultation clinics, primary healthcare centers and rescue ambulance or outdoor examinations for point of care ultrasonography imaging for symptomatic examination and diagnosis at patient’s bedside.

  • ◼️  10-inch high resolution screen
  • ◼️  Pseudo-colour imaging
  • ◼️  Real-time depth adjustability
  • ◼️  Adjustable focus control and positioning

Sr.Standard AccessoriesQty
13.5 MHz Convex Probe1

Sr.Optional AccessoriesQty
17.5 MHz Linear Probe1
25.0 MHz Micro-convex Probe1
36.5 MHz Transvaginal Probe1
47.5 MHz Endorectal Probe1