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Hospital bed KHB-A211

Hospital bed KHB-A211


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Description :

Hospital bed KHB-A211 is a standard mechanical ward bed equipped with stainless steel guard rails and double protection screw system which improves patient safety for weak or geriatric patients along with robust stainless steel bed board which ensures superior strength and increased durability. Bed planes inclinations ensures improved comfort and protection at various angular bed configurations for knee-rest and back-rest positions.

Specifications :

Back-rest angle 0° - 80° (±5°)
Knee-rest angle 0° - 40° (±5°)
Construction Electrostatic powder coated S.S. tube frame and head and foot board
Load capacity 250 Kgs
Other components Urine hooks, I.V drip, heavy duty castors
Dimensions 2000 x 900 x 530 mm
Weight 82 Kgs

Features :

  • 2 functional bed inclinations (Fowler/PLR variations)
    Adopts crank tension mechanism
  • S.S. guard rails for support
  • Steel tube frame with S.S. head and foot board

Applications :

Used in hospital wards, primary healthcare facilities and nursing homes with specialized functions dedicated for specific wards such as general ward, nursing, orthopedic, burns, ICU, etc. designed to be adjustable at various inclinations, heights for increased comfort and well-being of the patient.

Standard Accessories :

1I.V. poles1
2Urine bag hook1


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