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Safety Lancet KSL-A100

Safety Lancet KSL-A100


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Description :

Safety Lancet KSL-A100 is a sterile, single use, pressure activated lancet that have unique design and features improving safety, comfort and ease-of-use. Available with variety of needle gauge and penetration method minimizing patient’s pain and clinical errors. Needle is fully shielded before and after use ensuring safety for both patient and user.

Specifications :

Gauge sizes 18G

Features :

  • Ultra sharp tri-bevel needle reduces pain
  • Cap sealed needle tip ( injection moulded )
  • Pressure activation technique ( defined blood flow )
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • Point configuration and penetration depths suits capillary requirements
  • Minimal training for new users
  • Gamma radiated sterilization
  • Complies with standard safety guidelines

Applications :

Used in Hospital, clinics and laboratory for blood sampling and others for diagnostic test


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